Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mudpuppy reads a book! and more...

Sort of.

Starling here. When I was reading to Mudpup this evening, a jaunty board book called "Thank you, God" (which M likes because of the "Amen" refrain throughout), he picked it up, turned it back to the beginning, and turned the pages quickly, saying "Amenamenamenamenamenamenamenamen!" until he reached the end.  He then closed it in triumph and grinned.  He's read his first book.

He also pointed to his siblings earlier and did reasonable imitations of their real names--Bear's was dead-on, Mouse's was sort of close, and Jaybird's was "Brrroooo."  Well, OK, he tried.  "Mama" and "Dada" are mastered at this point, as well as more, up, down, book, (ba)nana, cookie (sigh), hug, yes, sit, okay, again, drink, and quite a few more.

Sometime in the past two weeks, he hasn't yet turned chronologically two, but he has gotten into the spirit of the two year old.  He's on a constant seek and destroy mission.  It's been a bit crazy, especially when we were traveling.  But except for the occasional mild tantrum, he is still our smiling, happy go lucky child.  Just intent on destruction one day, up in arms the next....

p.s. It is tempting to rename him on this blog, because cute though Mudpuppy is, we actually find ourselves calling him Machu-Pichu quite a bit.  I know, it's odd.  Don't worry much--he knows his real name, and we like it.