Sunday, July 17, 2011


Well, it's been a week since we came back from our ten-day trip to visit Starling's parents in Alabama. Sun, water, and good food were the main themes of our trip. Here's a pictorial retrospective:

This and the next three pictures were taken on the beach near Gulf Shores.

Whether at home or away, Mudpuppy DOES love helping with the

When they weren't out in the sun, the kids could often be found in front
of the television. I love this picture, which is pure luck.

Stopping to smell the roses in the Fairhope rose garden.

Life may not be a bed of roses, but these sisters like posing in front of one.

By the Fairhope water fountains.

At the end of Fairhope Municipal Pier.

We visited two really good museums during our stay; one is the Fairhope
city museum, which contains a great overview of the history of the area....

...and the other was the Museum of Mobile, which also provided a great overview of
the history of the region in an interactive way that the kids liked. Here, they're posing
before a statue of Justice. The kids spent most of the visit looking for items in a
scavenger hunt.

On July 4, the kids enjoyed playing with sparklers...

...and watching the fireworks with grandma and Aunt Amy.

Mudpuppy did NOT like the water at first, but by the end of our trip, he'd
warmed up to it.

This picture is sponsored by Grandma, who watched Mudpuppy at home
 for the morning, leaving the adults to enjoy the beach.

Jaybird enjoyed playing in the surf; the older kids loved boogie boarding.

Mudpuppy enjoyed the fountains at Spanish Fort... did the girls.

The Three Amigos, reunited.

"Everybody make a funny face!"

See how well Mudpuppy got to like the water? I think that's a smile!

"Mom has finally lost it." Yes, the wonders of traveling by air have definitely driven
us to the edge, especially on the flight back to Milwaukee. The one bright spot: Daryl,
the upbeat flight attendant who kept everyone smiling and laughing.