Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Visiting the Science Museum

We visited the Science Museum of Minnesota in downtown St. Paul this past weekend. Jackrabbit wanted to do some special summer outing with the kids, since we were up for a three day weekend, and we hadn't been there in years. Plus, they have an exhibit on the Dead Sea Scrolls (the real scraps are there, along with tons of pottery and historical goods from the era!) which Starling wanted to see. Starling enjoyed the Dead Sea Scrolls (Mudpuppy not so much), and the kids loved the museum. Bear in particular got into the experiments--he inherited the logical gift in our family. It really is an impressive museum, and we bought a family membership to explore it better this year (since we're up in the Cities regularly anyway, and the membership pays for itself after two visits. Besides, Jackrabbit wants to see the Dead Sea Scrolls too--but the display is a bit intellectual for the kids. So I'll watch them next time!).