Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Happy, Happy Baby. Just watch where you throw that head!

Eight month old Mudpuppy is the happiest child alive. The verdict is in. This video is an example.

Earlier, Starling (that's me) went to the library with Mudpup in his car seat for a quick exchange of videos. That's an errand Jackrabbit usually does with Mudpup and Jaybird every week. A man I didn't know remarked how happy Mudpup was and said "Oh, he can't be that happy all the time, though!" To which the library assistant (whom I didn't even know) chimed in "Yes, actually, he is."

On the down side (is there a down side to this?), he was happily exercising/throwing himself back in my arms earlier, while I was sitting at the dining table, and threw himself into the table edge. Ouch. Yes, he cried, poor boy. But not too long.

Jackrabbit adds:
I get this wherever I go with him. "What a happy baby!" Truly, it is the most frequent comment we get about him. Heck, we find ourselves saying the same thing (or a variation -- "What an easy baby!") at least five times a day!