Monday, December 14, 2009

New monikers (take 2)

I've just posted a couple of posts about our triple-dip Sunday (three sacraments in one day), but I also need to explain the new monikers that I came up with. Because the old ones went over like a lead balloon. I actually considered just using the kids' real first names -- but I'm just not totally comfortable with that. So here they are:

Bear: For our 9-year-old boy.
Mouse: For our 7-year-old girl.
Jaybird: For our 4-year-old girl.
Mudpuppy: For our baby boy. Yes, it's the name of a salamander, but it sounds cute.

And "Jackrabbit" for me and "Starling" for my darling wife.

Hopefully these will stick, cause if they don't, I'm going to numbers.