Sunday, December 13, 2009

Baby's baptism, part 2

We completed Mudpuppy's baptism on Sunday; the actual baptism took place on ur back deck several weeks ago during the H1N1 outbreak in our house. A "precautionary" baptism, as they say. The supplemental rites were completed on Sunday -- the candle, the chrismation, the white garment. Everything but the actual water rite. However, our pastor did bring out a small bowl of water that he used to sprinkle on Monkey as a reminder of his baptism; the rest of us signed ourselves with the water as well.

He was pretty good during the baptism -- even though he's been pretty fussy the last few days. As evidenced below:

"Ack! I'm getting a sugar overload just by hovering near that cake!"

Our friends served as godparents; they are converts from the Nazarene Church. Count on converts to be hard core about their faith and their godparental responsibilities:

Finally, here is a priest friend of Starling's admiring the baby:

Incidentally, Starling wrote up a very funny post about baptism at her blog.