Monday, September 14, 2009

Last day of summer

The kids spent the last day of summer -- Labor Day -- playing nicely together. Sometimes they all collaborate to play a game the girls like (see the dollhouse video below). Other times, they play Ben's game -- like a few minutes after this video was shot, they were playing Bakugon superhero by running all over the living room saving each other.

Later in the day we went to McDonald's for an end-of-summer celebration. We also had a special prayer ritual where each of the children picked a sunflower to represent the summer, and then said a prayer of thanksgiving for one thing from the summer. We talked about how the sunflowers would eventually come to an end (die), but at the same time leave behind hundreds of seeds for even more sunflowers.

Not sure the kids really got that much out of it -- they were pretty bored -- but you never know what they're going to remember down the road.