Friday, August 14, 2009

Why We Kneel In Church

(Just to prove I can contribute to this blog, it's S again.)

So a few weeks ago we had a rough day at Church (I tell you, people without kids have NO IDEA how different Mass is with them). My kids are squiggly--not really bad, just squiggly. They were squiggly squared that day, and getting the three of them to kneel without violence seemed to be mission impossible.

In the car afterward, I said to them with more than a tinge of exasperation--"Kids, this is important. Why do you think we kneel during the Liturgy of the Eucharist anyway?" Short silence.

M: Because Veronica did.

Me: Um, what?

M: You know, on that picture in the stations. Veronica kneeled down to wipe the face of Jesus. So we kneel, too.

Me: (flabbergasted into silence, thinking "That's good. That's REALLY good.")

So now when she is squiggly during the Eucharist, I remind her to "be like Veronica." There are a lot worse images.