Sunday, August 30, 2009

2009 Garden Tour

Yes, this has been The Year of the Evil Rabbits. I am about done with rabbits and squirrels. The squirrels ate all my apples; the rabbits ate darn near everything else, including stuff they haven't touched in five previous years. The latest victim: large, juicy, ripe tomatoes. I hadn't fenced off the tomato plots, because normally rabbits leave them alone; but now I am finding multiple tomatoes half-eaten. Hey rabbits! If you're going to eat amy tomatoes, at least finish the darn things! Oh, they have also eaten every one of my pumpkins (while they were still little).

For some reason, this video abruptly cuts off before we get to the pumpkins. Probably the rabbits ate the end of the file. Anyway, I'm not re-loading it!