Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday at CrossFest

On Sunday, while S was teaching at the Institute for Pastoral Ministry, I took the kids to CrossFest -- or more accurately, to the Catholic event that followed it. Basically Mass with the bishop, a picnic lunch, lots of inflatables, and music by a prominent Christian rock artist. The older kids had lots of fun running around to the different inflatables (there were 11). The only hitch was there were too many kids and they got a little out of control without adult supervision. And the high winds nearly carried off one of the inflatables with a kid high atop it.

J was too little to go on most of the inflatables, except for the bounce house; so when she got tired of that, we headed over to the concert. She danced to the music for about ten minutes. Check out her dance moves:

Oh for the exuberance of youth!

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