Monday, June 15, 2009

M's flower poems

M wrote a series of poems about flowers to pass the time in the car during our recent camping trip:

Violets sing
impress me
more than i've ever seen before
for someone I know croaks like a toad,
so sing to me violets.

Roses are nice,
as nice as spice.
I have a patch in my yard.
give me a rose. I like them all.
Roses are

Oh there can
be campfire,
and there can be
but the one I hate
the most is the wild
fire oh-no here
it comes.

Irises are very nice.
they have petal mazes and
pretty faces. there green
necks are long and slick
to a mouse it is as tall
as a bulding. just thinner.
Irises are very nice.

I know that...
Geraniums are red and pink,
but what about green?
do they come in that color?
in africa? france? well I'm of
to check on my
green geranium.