Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hurrah for 2008!

The news has been full of retrospectives on 2008, mostly along the lines of, "Good riddance to a bad year!" However, my favorite retrospective appeared not too long ago in Mutts. I can't reproduce the comic here, but it went something like . . . "Well, goodbye to 2008!  . . . Spring came, and flowers grew! . . . The sun sparkled on waves! . . . Bees pollinated, birds hatched, butterflies fluttered! . . . What a year!"

The strip startled me into the realization that it really has been a good year--for all those reasons and more. So here is my list of blessings from 2008, in no particular order:
  • B received his first Communion and Reconciliation, and gave both two thumbs up.
  • J finally left diapers behind for the wonderful world of toilets (that alone should make my year)
  • M's first stories and drawings are a delight
  • Speaking of stories, I began work on a children's book about bellybuttons that I hope to finish in the New Year
  • Mmmm, tomatoes! We had a bumper crop this year, in several different varieties
  • I boxed up nearly 18 boxes of junk for storage in the basement
  • Ashley Cleveland's new album, which I am listening to as I write this, is a bit of musical joy
  • So many good things are happening at our local parish, including an affort to revitalize faith formation that is finally taking hold and the blossoming of the parenting group that I started with a few friends last year.
  • The children continue to grow in faith. Halloween night, M said: "I want to become a saint when I grow up." B said, "Me too." And J said, "I don't want to be a saint! I want to be a mom when I grow up!" B and M have the Nicene Creed almost memorized, and ask wonderful questions.
  • Hey, we're financially solvent--barely, admittedly, but at least we can claim to be better financial managers than, oh, AIG, Morgan Stanley, Bear Stearns, CitiBank, the Federal Reserve, and the SEC. Combined.
 Yep, 2008 was quite a year. Here's to 2009.