Monday, October 07, 2013

Alleluia Boy celebrates four years! "Oh my GOSH! That's CRAZY!"

Well, Alleluia Boy had a fun-filled weekend of birthday celebrations. One of the highlights was going through old pictures and videos with him on the computer -- a source of constant fascination for all the kids. Today he said, very seriously, "You know, my NEXT birthday is coming right up, so we better get ready!" Playing along, I answered, "'s only ONE YEAR AWAY!" To which he put a hand to his forehead (in classic AB style) and exclaimed, "Oh my GOSH!"

As he was falling asleep, he was asking whether he would have another birthday in two years (yes), four years (yes), ten years (yes). I told him he'd be fourteen years old in ten years -- as big as his oldest brother. "Wow, that's a LOT," he said, and then promptly conked out for the night.