Sunday, November 04, 2012


All right, here's the mandatory Halloween post! As I've mentioned before, Halloween has never been my favorite holiday...but I love taking the kids trick-or-treating around here. The neighborhood just comes alive in a way that you never see any other time of year -- pretty much everyone is home, and out and about. The kids have to keep prompting the adults to keep moving, because we're so busy talking with the neighbors we haven't seen all year!

Mouse went as Juliet, Jubilee Girl went as a lollipop fairy (her own invention),
The Music Man went as a tiger, and Alleluia Boy went as Thomas the Tank Engine.

Trick-or-treating with the residents at a local nursing home...another favorite
thing to do.

Pumpkins by (bottom to top) Alleluia Boy, Jubilee Girl, and Mouse.

Some neighbor was handing out big candy bars!
And here is a short clip of the kids trick-or-treating in the neighborhood: