Sunday, May 13, 2012

Poems and Songs by Mouse


A baby is joy and laughter
all concealed in one small
bundle of soft baby skin.
It is the beginning of a life,
the beginning of many
birthdays (and cake) yet to come.
Someday, they will become our senators and our priests, our deacons
and our presidents.
And someday, maybe, they will grow up
and become mothers and fathers
to another
Even in the most hard-hearted
mothers and fathers, babies are able
to weave a thread of everlasting
in a parent’s heart. And eventually, the thread will weave itself
into a blanket of love. So many people wear that blanket, and the ones who do
usually give the baby
a blanket back.

Some Songs

Walking the Highway

Walking the highway,
on a rai – ai- ai – ny day,
umbrella in hand,
with me feeling sad,
walking the highway.

Splashing in puddles,
feeling all in a muddle,
you’re feeling so grand,
I’m feeling so sad,
why can’t we switch for a while?
You’ve got tons of fans that I haven’t,
you’ve got the better friends, too,
so maybe it’s time to establish
something entirely new!
Maybe it’s true
maybe they deserted you
while you were walking the highway
but don’t let that get you down, girl,
‘cause now I’m here in this town, girl,
the two of us, the two of us, two of us, two of us, two of us, two of usssss! Walking the highhhwayyy!

Rock and Roll

I’m getting higher above
the earth below
as I’m flying, flying, flying,
towards Albany’s home.
I’m gonna see the sights,
gonna rock and roll,
when I’m at – at – at – at
Albany’s home! Oh yeah, oh yeah, Albany’s home, oh yeah, oh yeah, Albany’s home…gonna rock and roll! Gonna rock and roll! Gonna rock and roll! Gonna rock and roll!

River, river

River, river, flowing, sparkling in the water towards the sea.
In the water swim the fish,
they get faster every swish;
the birds are gliding in the sky,
then I see the frogs hop by!
Then on the flowers are the butterflies,
then comes night, the owl comes out
hunting for mice and hunting for trout.
Then comes morning, birds come singing,
let it happen over again.

Why Don’t You Come Home

No one here with me to hold my hand
it’s almost too much to withstand.
Oh my sweet baby, why don’t you come home,
why do you have to go out and roam
beyond the valleys, beyond the trees?
Oh my sweet baby,
come back to me.

Losing You

It’s a loss and I can’t even bear it
it’s a sadness seeping to my bone;
to get it away, I just can’t scare it,
so let’s just say I’m done!
It’s just something I can’t admit
because it has just begun
my heart is everything but moonlit;
my soul just feels so barren;
He was so full of humor…
why, why did he have to die?
Why did he have to die?
Why did he have to die?
Why did he have to die?