Monday, January 09, 2012

Adoption news...

(from our adoption blog)

Up, up, and away....

...goes the dossier!  (Hey, that even rhymed.)

Well.  Today, after ONE MORE last minute re-do of a notarization (I think we had five total since Friday?), I zipped in the car, decided our state side faciliator had to see the last page before I drove to St Paul, and scanned, called, confirmed--it's OK.  Go!

So on this almost weirdly warm day for January in Minnesota (44 and sunny???? what?), I drove to our Secretary of State's office (2.5 hrs) to get all these documents apostilled.  They were very pleasant, but it did take 1.5 hours (hmm, lunch may have had something to do with it).  Then I doubled checked everything AGAIN (37 documents, people), made sure they were in the right order, in the special folder, in an envelope and--time to rush to the UPS shipper!

20 minutes later, I'm at a UPS store and they CAN send it to the Walls (who are adopting "Easton" from the same country and traveling this weekend) by Wednesday afternoon.  I fork over more money, and it is GONE AND OUT OF MY HANDS.  I've done all I can do.  Now...we wait.

I celebrated with a chocolate milkshake and drove 2.5 hrs home. I think we'll save the champagne for when we receive a travel date.  We're still hoping early March.  Hang in there, Alex.

Peace, Starling