Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another lost tooth

A couple nice things that happened today...Mouse lost another tooth today at school, during D.E.A.R. time (Drop Everything And Read). She said she just let it knock around her mouth until reading time was over, because it was so quiet that she'd be embarrassed to say anything. The older kids are old pros at this now, so it was amusing to walk past her bedroom a few minutes ago and see a sign taped to the stairwell banister: "Please come, tooth fairy!!!!!!!!" The tooth fairy has a habit of forgetting. Thanks for the reminder, Mouse!

Earlier in the evening we joined the seminarians at Immaculate Heart of Mary seminary for Mass followed by dinner. The kids were somewhat intimidated by being the only kids in a room full of very serious young men who all chanted the Mass parts. But they really enjoyed the formal meal afterward. We sat at the head table, with the priests who run the seminary; the priests explained the etiquette to them (why they had THREE forks and all that) and asked all sorts of questions and generally enjoyed getting to know the kids. The older kids were all on their best behavior, and did really, really well. Alleluia Boy was himself -- mostly sweet, with a few cranky moments thrown in just for good measure. But he totally stole the show when he started singing the "Alleluia." All priestly heads turned his way! Later, Alleluia Boy went around the table offering the sign of peace, and a bit later after that, he and Jaybird sang "Alleluia" followed by "Bless you!" This prompted much story-telling about his other antics -- like receiving a potato chip in cupped hands, then crossing himself, today at lunch.

The seminarians had taken up a collection to help out with Alex's adoption -- a fairly sizable amount, actually. It totally took me by surprise when this was announced before the meal blessing, leaving me a little choked up. I continue to be amazed by people's generosity around this boy. God is good.