Saturday, September 03, 2011

Bear's new blog

Well, Bear has a new blog that he's super excited about.

I have made no secret to Bear that I am not particularly fond of his Nintendo and his fixation with all things video-game related. We limit his screen time to an hour a day (that's televisions, computers, anything with a screen). However, the other day I was musing on his constant desire to make well as his total aversion to practicing his well as the fact that the greatest source of job security ten years from now when he's looking for his first job will probably be a strong tech background...and it occurred to me that maybe we could address all of those concerns at once if he had a blog about...(sob!) games.

When i suggested this idea to him, his face lit up with a thousand-watt smile, and he started jumping up and down on his toes. Well, between yesterday and today, he has probably put in eight hours on this thing. He was totally thrilled when he checked his stats and found that someone from Germany had read his blog. He's also excited about the possibility of earning some pocket money, but we've warned him not to expect much, or anything at all for a while.

So, if you'd like to do a kindness to an eleven-year-old boy, you could visit his video game review blog. And if you were extra kind, you might link to it from your own web presence. :) Ask us for the url.