Monday, April 04, 2011

Things Mudpuppy can do, ambulatory edition

1. This past week, Mudpuppy took his first crack at drinking from a cup. We haven't given him a cup in the past, because of the potential for lots of spills. But this kid just flatly refuses to use a sippy cup on his own -- he is insistent that someone else hold it for him. If you ignore him, he just gets increasingly frustrated and ends up throwing it. So I decided that, whatever the mess, he was going to learn to drink from a cup. Kids his age did it all the time back before sippy cups. And yes, I have been cleaning up lots of spills, as he really enjoys seeing what will happen when he tips it upside down. Hopefully he will get tired of that soon enough.

2. In keeping with a long-standing Windley-Daoust tradition, he also finds great joy in removing dirt from our garden beds. Who knew this would be enough to entertain someone for a half hour???

3. Walking! We've posted about his walking abilities before, but in the past few days, he seems to really have blossomed in this area. Whereas in the past he could take a few steps if forced, now he is getting up on his own and striking out. He seems to have finally mastered it. He definitely enjoys trying it out, and looks around at our faces for confirmation of his accomplishment. I've been swining him up in the air when he completes one of his forays successfully. Here is an extended video: