Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Morning chores!

One of the things we tried to do every morning this summer was "morning chores." The kids have to do certain chores around the house "just because"; beyond that, they get a small payment for doing "extra" chores (which they still have to do). It teaches them something about the value of money -- and how to handle money.

Getting kids to do chores is a chore in itself. But it pays off after a few years in kids who are able to do a reasonably good job by themselves, without too much complaining. That's helpful to me -- but it's also good for them to develop an expectation that work is just part of life.

Here is Bear doing the very tedious work of harvesting basil (it took him about an hour of picking to get this much):

Here is Mouse mopping the kitchen floor -- without turning it into a lake! She says she likes the "old fashioned" mop, not the new steam mop we use these days. She says the steam mop scares her.

And here is Jaybird vacuuming the stairs. She does a very good job. And she learned to overcome her fear of the vacuum!

And while they were doing their chores, I was canning these beautiful oxheart tomatoes: